Best Personal Loans for Veterans

Returning home after fighting for your country can be a difficult adjustment. There’s finding a job, getting a home, rebuilding your life - and of course, dealing with a poor credit score.

Many American veterans will struggle financially due to having a low credit score, and it can be difficult finding a loan company that will accept you.

There’s currently a lack of government backed loans for veterans, which just makes the search even harder. This means that our American heroes will have the same loan options as the rest of us.

After fighting for your country, the last thing you should be worried about is finding a loan. Thankfully, there are loans out there if you’re a veteran with a poor credit history. If you’re looking for a loan or just want to see what options are out there, then keep reading for more information.



  • Loan terms of up to 84 months (7 years!)
  • A competitive personal loan program
  • Same-day funds deposit
  • Open to both active military and veterans (and families!)
  • Speedy application process
  • Borrow up to $25,000


  • Interest rates start at 9.49%

Since 1922, USAA (United States Automobile Associaton) has been proudly serving active military members, veterans, and their family members with their premium financial services.

USAA is popular for their auto loans, bank accounts, insurance, and personal loans - and there’s a reason why so many Americans go to USAA for their financial needs.

If you’re an active military member, a veteran, or family of either, then you should be eligible for a loan. The application process is speedy, and once you’ve filled in the form, you should see what kind of loan you’ll be getting in seconds.

The speediness doesn’t end there - some customers receive the funds on the same day, which is useful if you have an unexpected financial emergency.

You’ll be looking at interest rates varying from 9.49% to 11.49%, which means you won’t be facing 35.99% interest rates as you would with other lenders.



  • Easy online process
  • A great option for rebuilding your credit
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Quick access to funds


  • Must have an income of at least $1,000 to qualify

If you need a loan of up to $10,000, then you’ll be delighted to know that CashUSA can help you, and they have promising interest rates starting at 5.99%.

Your credit score can be in tatters when you return home from the military, but a loan with CashUSA can help to rebuild your credit by keeping to your monthly payments.

CashUSA help with both short-term and long-term loans, with terms ranging from 3 months to 72 months depending on your choice.

The application process is simple - and is done entirely online. As long as there are no complications, then you should be able to receive the funds in as little as one business day, which is perfect if you need cash quickly.

As long as you’re 18 years of age and above, and have a valid bank account, and earn at least $1,000 per month, then why not get started and head to their website today.

Veterans Vintage American flag

Navy Federal Credit Union


  • Loans of up to $50,000
  • Not just navy - any current or ex-member of the armed forces, Department of Defense, or National Guard
  • Can have a max of 15 years to repay the loan
  • No origination or prepayment fees
  • Same day funding in most cases


  • Interest rates don’t start at 5.99% like others

If you’re a current or ex-member of the armed forces, National Guard, or Department of Defence, then you can take advantage of one of Navy Federal Credit Union’s flexible loans.

The amount you can borrow is a whopping $50,000, and it can be for any reason, whether you need to pay for house repairs, you want a new car, or to use it to consolidate existing debt.

The rates start at 8.19%, and the loan terms are generally much longer than other personal loans for customers with bad credit. Depending on which loan you get offered, you could have up to 15 years to repay the loan, which is sure to make the monthly payments more bearable.