Best Weed Blog

Whether you’re looking for info on starting your very own grow, buying cannabis seeds, the latest cannabis news, or your local dispensary. Then you need look no further, as we’ve compiled a list of 6 of the best weed blogs currently online that provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things cannabis! 

High Times

High Times

“High Times is the definitive resource for all things cannabis. From cultivation and legalization, to entertainment and culture, to hard-hitting news exposing the War on Drugs, High Times has been the preeminent source for cannabis information since 1974.

Our publication has featured original works from some of the great names in counterculture and literature including Truman Capote, Hunter S.Thompson, Charles Bukowski and William Burroughs, to name a few.

That history of excellence continues to this day with a focus on exposing the truth, presenting the public with the latest information and research findings, and advocating for a legal and safe cannabis industry”

Maximum Yield

“For more than 18 years, Maximum Yield magazine has been the go-to source of information on controlled-environment gardening for modern growing professionals around the world.

With wide reaching and in-depth content, Maximum Yield covers everything from hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, and organics, to greenhouses, small space and container gardening, to urban farms and vertical growing.

Each issue focuses on giving readers everything they need to reach their maximum yield, with informative articles, tips and tricks, how-tos, and the latest in products and technologies”


“Leafly is the world’s online destination to learn about cannabis, find cannabis strains and products, and buy them from legal, licensed retailers. More than 100 million people visit us each year because of our proven commitment to education and science-based information.

Our editorial team is on the cutting edge of cannabis journalism, breaking the most critical news in cannabis like product safety alerts, crafting in-depth reports on important issues like the state of the cannabis economy, and debunking myths that erode the positive impact of legal cannabis.

With innovative solutions, we’re removing friction from the process of cannabis discovery. There are huge, exciting problems to solve in the place where cannabis meets tech, and we show up every day for them.

Leafly empowers licensed brands and retailers to get closer to their customers through state-of-the-art tools that include advertising, online product reservations, and industry insights.”

Pot Guide

“PotGuide was founded on the belief that cannabis consumers deserve access to the best cannabis information available in order to have safe, positive experiences with this remarkable plant.

However, we must admit we’re a bit selfish: we care about the cannabis community and consumer because we are the cannabis community and consumer.

From growing, trimming, budtending, and managing dispensaries to digital media, marketing, branding and content creation, the PotGuide team has first-hand expertise in every aspect of the cannabis market from seed to sale and beyond. We are from the industry, for the industry.”


“The company was founded in 2008 with a strong belief in the power of cannabis and the importance of enabling safe, legal access to consumers worldwide.

Since then, WMH has worked tirelessly, not only to be the most comprehensive platform for consumers, but to build the software solutions that power businesses compliantly in the space, to advocate for legalization, social equity, and licensing in many jurisdictions, and to facilitate further learning through partnering with dozens of subject matter experts on providing detailed, accurate information about the plant.

WMH’s mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy. Now in its second decade, WMH has been a driving force behind much of the legislative change we’ve seen in the past 10 years”

Think Canna Seed

“Welcome to, a site dedicated to providing cultivators and cannabis enthusiasts out there with the very best and most up to date info on the most trusted and top reviewed cannabis seed banks.

Here at thinkcannaseed, we firmly believe that using the very best cannabis seeds from the most trusted seed banks delivers the more healthy and bountiful harvest!

The team behind had a vision of creating a website sharing two of their greatest passions; Cannabis and cultivation with the whole world.

Founded in 2020, thinkcannaseed contains the very best cannabis seed banks as reviewed by you, the consumer, seed banks that ship far and wide delivering cannabis seeds and strains of every variety, and of the highest quality”