Cannabis to Cool your Body in the Summer?

Have you started to feel the heat of the approaching summer?

To escape the harsh heat, you may take refuge in air-conditioned rooms. But, as days pass, it becomes harder to stay cool. It is not possible to stay inside an air-conditioned room or car all the time. At some point, you need to face the summer. While choosing lightweight, breathable fabrics or applying sunscreen can offer you protection from the blistering heat, it has a limit.

So you know that what you eat, drink, smoke, or apply to your skin can influence body temperature? Cannabis products work to this fact as they can bring down your body temperature and make you feel cool. It is the reason why people are visiting cannabis dispensaries to stock the products to save them from the sun’s wrath.

Are you interested in knowing more? Read ahead.

How Can Cannabis Cool Your Body?

The human body is complex and astonishing. Why? Because of the different systems that regulate vital functions. It maintains the temperature in the body by balancing heat loss and heat production. Hypothalamus in the body coordinates this process. It is a part of the human brain that plays a significant role in directing several body functions. Different cannabis strains and cannabinoids can have a great impact on the hypothalamus regulatory functions

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Hence, they can influence body temperature. When you take weed edibles or CBDistillery it may activate special receptors in the tongue. These special receptors, TRPV1, can communicate with the other parts of your body. It may then trigger a cooling response to make you feel better inside out. This cooling response can lower the body temperature.

Do you know cool drinking water can heat your body and hot drinks can cool the body? TRVP1 vanilloid receptors work behind this response. Cannabis can activate the TRPV receptors in a similar way to hot beverages and chili peppers. Also, cannabis products can regulate body temperature by impacting the hypothalamus. According to studies conducted on rodents, THC (present in cannabis) can lower body temperature by modulating cytokine activity.

While no research on the subject exists in humans, the animal study provides a glimpse of the link between THC and body temperature.

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Cannabis Products You Can Try to Cool Your Body

Has your interest piqued in using cannabis to lower heat? Then, you may wonder about the right products to choose to beat the heat. You can try some of the cannabis products to counteract the heat and make you feel good. You can try some of the suggestion offered below:

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  • Tinctures

When you stay outdoors for a long time, it can trigger a migraine. To ease the discomfort and help your body cool, you need to hydrate and consider taking a cannabis tincture. The infused tincture can make you feel better quickly. Most people opt for tincture blended with peppermint to get relief from the distress caused by hot temperatures.

  • Infused Drinks

Instead of hot beverages that can cool your body, you can feel refreshed with cannabis-infused drinks. The cannabis-infused drinks have exploded in the market, with more and more people opting for such beverages. It may seem like the perfect option to cool your body and quench your thirst at the same time. What’s more, you can add a few drops of cannabis tincture to this drink to feel cool and ease any discomfort. It seems like an ideal alternative compared to chilled beers.

  • Vape Pen and Edibles

Vaping and edibles are good choices when you want to chill out at your home. You can relax on your porch or curl on the sofa with a good book. A vape pen with your favorite cannabis strain can make you feel cool and enjoy it. Edibles like gummies can also help you relax during the hot summers. You have different flavors and varieties of these products in the market. Feel free to choose one suiting your taste.

  • Other Products Needed In Summer

The next two products may offer relief from problems caused due to sun exposure. So, you can check them out.

  • Sunburn Cream 

Do you know that inflammation can increase body temperature? Easing inflammation can bring down the body temperature. Cannabis can help you reduce inflammation and lower body temperature. Sunburn creams can soothe sunburns caused due to overexposure. It is a product you need when spending a lot of time outside. Sunburns can hurt and trigger discomfort. The creams containing cannabis compounds can activate CB2, the G-protein coupled receptors. CB2 can modulate inflammation and lower body temperature.

  • Topical Creams

Who doesn’t like to enjoy games on the beach? Hence, take cannabis topical creams when you are out playing volleyball on the beach, kayak, surf, or enjoy outdoor activities.
During summer, such actions can take a toll on the body. Hence, your body requires some TLC. Applying the cannabis topical creams may offer pain relief. It targets your muscles and joints suffering from pain. So, you may feel relaxed and cool even after spending time outside.

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You feel worse when the temperature becomes too hot. Are you wondering how you can get a reprieve from this almost unbearable condition? Instead of finding solace in ice packs, cool drinks, and air conditioning, you try some cannabis products. THC in cannabis products may induce a homeostatic cooling effect. When you have tried all the methods to overcome the heat and failed, it is worth taking cannabis products to see the cooling results.