Does Smoking Cannabis Make You A Better Gamer?

People have been smoking pot and playing games as far back as when we first invented games. Sometimes, people use cannabis to get a better recreational experience when
playing with friends. Other times, gamers have allegedly used it to enhance their performance during tournaments.

Now that weed is legal in many parts of the World; more people are beginning to try the famous combination. Due to this, many of them ask if weed truly makes them better gamers or if it’s a placebo effect.

This article will answer that frequently asked question, giving you ways on how cannabis improves gaming performance.

Men wearing headphones playing video games at night.

May Improve Your Performance

Many scientific studies have confirmed that generally when you take cannabis, it increases your performance and energy levels exponentially. This fact is due to the energy-inducing properties your chosen cannabis strain has, such as THC.

Have you ever wondered why you’re always full of energy and restless when you get high? Those are the effects of the properties mentioned above in cannabis. Playing games while high also help with different skills, such as hand-to-eye coordination and cognition.

Marijuana Helps You Relax

Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help you relax and feel less stressed. The endocannabinoid system is mostly responsible for maintaining homeostasis,
which automatically eliminates negative feelings, such as pain and stress.

Many gamers know how much pressure they face when playing a fiercely competitive game with another gamer. Interestingly enough, many gamers who take cannabis before or while gaming have stated that it makes them feel more relaxed, which helps them think clearer. Even in moments with gamers on the edge of their seats, they played calmly with relaxed muscles, which increased their chances of winning dramatically.

If you’re searching for an excellent CBD Canada product to purchase, boost edibles are a perfect choice. They are lab-tested gummies that could potentially give you that boost you need to become a better gamer.

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Enhances Memory Retention Skills

It is common knowledge that weed enhances your ability to hold information and use them more effectively. Recently, the Groningen Mental Enhancement Department in the Netherlands researched to confirm cannabis’s effects on gamers with Alzheimer’s patients.

The test organizers made the participants play increasingly tasking games with every day that passed, with half of them smoking continually. At the end of the memory retention test, subjects who continuously took weed had 43% better memory retention than those who didn’t!

The test organizer, Ewoud Joost, said that the marijuana-administered group gained more benefits than they could have ever imagined. If you want to take this to increase your memory retention skills, make sure you don’t take too much at a time. Excessive consumption of cannabis products can make you exhibit adverse side effects.

Assists You in Staying Focused

Have you ever experienced some difficulty in staying focused while playing a game? You’re not alone. Many gamers blame their loss on a lack of concentration.

Generally, people struggle with maintaining focus, with a 2010 Harvard University discovering that 47% of people have minds that wander frequently. For gamers, a wandering consciousness can make it hard for them to concentrate on the screen in front of them, increasing their chances of failure.

This substance takes your mind away from any physical and mental pain, as well as any lingering thoughts. It allows you to focus on the game, removing all distractions entirely.