Lexington Law Review

Your credit score is hugely important - it determines whether you’ll get accepted for credit, what the interest rates will be, and loan terms. Any potential credit can see your credit score - so the higher your score, the better.

However, not everybody has a squeaky clean credit history. Late payments, fraud, and any inaccuracies can damage your score, leaving you to deal with the consequences.

It can be tough trying to repair your credit score yourself - it involves time and effort, liaising with the credit bureaus, and plenty of research. Thankfully, there are services you can hire to help you repair your credit.

Lexington Law Firm focuses on repairing credit due to inaccurate, unfair, and unconfirmed information. Keep reading to find out more about what they do, and how they can help you.


  • Generous 50% discount for couples, family, household, and active military
  • Can cancel services at any time
  • Free credit evaluation
  • Experienced and dedicated staff
  • Affordable setup


  • Monthly costs can be expensive

What is Lexington Law?

For over 28 years, Lexington Law has been helping customers repair their credit. They’re a trusted leader when it comes to credit repair - and are known for fighting for consumer rights.

They want every credit report to be accurate, fair, and substantiated - and will use all the current laws to make this happen for you.

Their extensive team of qualified lawyers and paralegals will do everything they can to improve your credit score. They know everything about consumer laws and will leverage them to give you a better credit score.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have benefited from their services, resulting in countless negative marks removed in total. In 2018 alone, they removed over 10 million items combined for their clients, which is certainly reassuring to know if you’re considering signing up for their services.

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How Can Lexington Law Help Me?


The Lexington Law Firm will do everything in their power to remove any negative marks from your credit report. Experts on your credit rights, Lexington Law use the law to help you.

They’ll start off by analyzing your credit report, checking that everything is fair, factual, and backed up with evidence. You don’t need to worry about how they obtain your score - it’s not done as a ‘hard pull’ so won’t have any effect on your score.

If the legal team does find anything questionable, whether it be inaccurate, unfair, or unsubstantiated, then they’ll challenge these items. If you were doing this by yourself, you’d spend hours liaising with the bureaus and keeping up with the correspondence - but Lexington Law will do all the work for you.

Once you’re a customer of Lexington Law, you can have 24/7 access to their online portal. This is where you’ll find any credit score analysis and any updates. There’s also plenty of information and resources to help you manage your credit score, and reach any credit goals.

Their convenient mobile app gives you quick and easy access, telling you everything you need to know about the process, and results.
How Much Does It Cost?

The costs of their services depend on which level of service you choose. The three levels of service are:

  • Concord standard - $89.95 per month
  • Concord premier - $109.95 per month
  • Premier Plus - $129.95 per month

The Concord Standard is their most affordable option, which offers their most basic services. You’re still very likely to see results - but you won’t have access to credit monitoring and assistance with credit inquiries as you would with the Concord Premier.

The Premier Plus offers the most, including everything the Standard and Premier offer. With this plan, you’ll receive your FICO score based on TransUnion information per month. It’s a great option if fraud is a big concern for you - as you’ll receive real-time identity theft alerts as well as resources to help manage your finances.

There are currently discounts for their services - if you’re an active military member, you’ll be eligible for a one-time 50% discount off the first fee. You can also qualify for a 50% discount if you sign up with your family, partner, or household member. This is also a one time discount, which will be applied automatically with your first purchase.

There are no obligations or contracts, meaning you can easily cancel at any time by calling their customer service line. However, in most cases, it does take an adequate amount of time to start seeing results.